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Water works

We have been designing and building swimming pools (both commercial and residential) and water features for the U.A.E. market for over 3 decades. We specialize in new construction as well as pool refurbishment such as depth reduction, retiling, pool extensions, and leak detection and fixing. We can and have also worked on other water based projects such as water parks and large scale water features.

Whether you are an architect, a consultant, a property developer, or an end-user, our designing team can offer you guidance throughout every stage your pool / water feature project, from a plain ground and excavation until water filling and commissioning.

We also provide services on a design and consult basis, working alongside your project team of designers, architects, consultants, and contractors, to make sure the 'best' goes into your project design.

Hard and Soft Landscaping

The Soft and Hard Landscape works are of a very personal choice. For any commercial or domestic project, we always ensure that our well trained team works in co-ordination with the respective engaged professionals to make your dream come true as a beautiful landscaped reality.

Maverick provides complete solutions to your landscaped space which includes hardscape, softscape, decking, irrigation lighting, pergolas, wooden works, fountains, water features, artificial rockworks and swimming pools.

Maintenance Division

Maintenance for swimming pools is very important! The pools are always required to maintained with sparkling clean water for the users to enjoy the swimming experience. The swimming pools and water features needs to be maintained on regular basis, without routine maintenance, the water become harmful and produces the bacteria which in turn results in eyes, skin or nose burning/irritating to pool users/swimmers.
Apart from the basic parameters like pH & chlorine testing, many other parameters needs to be considered for best quality of pool water maintenance. Maverick is always very much serious about maintaining the clean and clear water quality by using the best chemicals sourced around the world.

Refurbishment Works

It is again a personal choice for the pool owners to enhance or modify the existing pool design and structure to give a new looks.
We provide economic solution with design to modify the swimming pools/jacuzzi from skimmer type to overflow type or infinity edge pools.
We also service the water proofing, retiling and regrouting and other many more modifications for the existing pools and systems.
Please feel free to call us for any king of modification of refurbishment works where we can provide you the complete new look to your pools systems.

Trading division

Maverick is also engaged in trading the swimming pool equipment and accessories. We have a very good quality products sourced from Europe, U.S.A. and neighbouring countries.

Few of the projects we have been involved and having execution experience.

Design and Construction

  • Swimming pools for Human uses
  • Swimming pools for Animals like Horses, Camels etc.
  • Water features, musical fountains, mist & fog system, water falls, water walls, spring water features, artificial ponds, lace (string) water features, reflective pools and jumping jets etc.
  • Hard and soft landscaping, pergolas, wooden decking system, plantation, irrigation and garden lighting systems.
  • Children pools, Jacuzzis, Steam rooms, Saunas
  • Lazy Rivers – massage jets, ponds and canals
  • Artificial Rock works and water slides

Specialist Services

  • Annual Maintenance for all kind of swimming pools, Jacuzzis and water features

Piece of advice

If your pool water is become green due to algae, please do not remove the dirty water and pay for fresh water filling! Let us help you to resolve the problem with easy and economic solutions. We can provide you clear and sparkling water without adding any major cost to you.

For any issues related to pool water quality, Please Contact us at

If you have the following issues, call us for help!


Water turning green or black or yellow with algae?

Skin Issues

Eyes, skin, or nose burning when you swim?

Chlorine Smell

Smell of chlorine too strong?


Kids falling sick after a swim?


Too much sand or dirt in your pool water even after filtration?

Cloudy water

Cloudy water?


Water / electricity bill running too high?

Water Body

Any any issue with your water body?


Tiles falling off?
Tiles grouting turning black?